Monday, April 18, 2011

Psychometric Testing is the New Trend In HR

The huge new trend in human resources is the psychometric test. One of the superior tests available on the market was created by Dan Harrison of Harrison Assessments over 20 years ago. The test is a way to discover deep personality traits as well as aptitudes and motivation regarding specific jobs. The test results enlighten the employers really early on in the process. These tests don’t just help you to decide on hiring or not hiring…sometimes it’s this new found knowledge learned from the test results that will make you restructure how to use an employee. There may be all the indicators of a great manager and you might map out the job description and job goals completely differently because of this. This type of talent management will pay for itself over and over by empowering good decision making and setting the proper course from the onset. It also wins over the employee by recognizing their strengths and adjusting accordingly.

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