Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Digging Deeper During the Interview


Psychometric assessments can be generated from information ascertained through questions that are posed about psychological functioning and potential future behavior. When relevant questions are stated the answers can create a road map to personality and/or work related traits. When interviewing for a job there is very of this information that is actually conveyed. The type of personality traits you would see in the workplace are not always so apparent during a job interview. The psychometric test can dig deeper and evaluate the prospective employee, exposing a fuller more comprehensive picture of that person. This flushing out of the true personality is a highly effective way to be able to make informed well thought out decisions about hiring. The assessment test usually only takes 15-30 minutes, however there are tests that are longer but I wouldn’t recommend it for an interview setting. The 15-30 minute test is appropriate and extremely thorough as it is. 


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