Saturday, July 30, 2011

What is your intention?


Whether you are being hired or doing the hiring it is important to be honest about your intention.

As an employee are you accepting a position just so you have a paycheck until you find something better or is this a company you envision yourself staying with and growing in.

As an employer are you hiring an individual for a specific job and consider them a short-term employee or is this someone you believe has potential to add long-term value to your company.

Either way, it is essential that both parties have clearly communicated their intention to the other? If an employer is not honest about his/her intent this could manifest as a lack of job security in the employee. When an employee does not feel secure in his/her job this can ultimately be detrimental to a company’s profits. Dishonest intent in an employee can affect their ability to be hired in the future.

Various tools can help one get a clear understanding of their intent before either hiring or accepting a position. The psychometric test takes a look at work style and preferences to determine what position is best for you and if an employee is a good match for a company.


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