Monday, July 11, 2011

Start with Yourself


Many people, once they experience the power of being in charge have a difficult time relinquishing this, even if it means their demise or that of their company. We get so identified with our job, position, status, and authority etc. that we fear change. We may get so locked into this fear that we become unable to delegate. Our thought process becomes –I need to do everything. This could ultimately lead to a loss of faith in the ability of ones subordinates.  Fear-based control can also result in the alienation of your employees if you become closed off to their ideas and suggestions, even if they would be beneficial to your company.

As an employer it is important to understand your strengths. It is equally important to have the courage to acknowledge your limitations. One way to help an employer grasp and then adjust to their work preferences is to take a psychometric test. This testing tool offers insight into ones work habits and style. A clear perspective can institute balance where it may have been lacking before.

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